Over the years, I’ve been challenged with designing several icon sets for totally new and established brands. Whenever I start concepting and designing a new icon set, there are a few lenses I use to approach creating on-brand iconographic systems.

I’ve found these constraints and rules have helped me create consistency across large scale icon sets, that feel an integral part of the product and brand.


Maintaining culture while embedded

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At Made by Many we believe in working extremely closely with our clients. So closely that our NYC studio regularly sends teams to work from within our client’s offices. The last few months I’ve worked from two different client offices. For the past two projects my morning commute involved skipping my normal subway stop and the Made By Many office to head straight to the client’s office. With my changing routine I found it was a slippery slope to being completely disconnected from our studio culture.

These are some tips I’ve found over the last 2 months to maintain a connection with HQ while working embedded.


ITV News - election 2015

Last year we embarked on a project with ITV focusing on their election coverage in May. However, we all wanted to avoid solely developing functionality that could only be used for one night. This meant that we had to identify the must have requirements to serve the election night itself and focus the rest of our time on more long lived functionality.