Made by Many case studies

Classical Listening, Radically Solved

We created and launched a direct-to-consumer digital subscription service dedicated to classical listening, providing the company with brand new skills and capabilities as well as a revenue-generating live product.


Working with Made by Many was a beautiful shock – they challenged, nurtured and helped get the very best out of our team, and in Composed they left us with what I truly believe is a world-class service.

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Paul Smernicki
Director of Digital, Universal Music UK

Digital service design for group travel

We helped Buster rethink their assumptions about how people book group transportation, ultimately redesigning their online booking tool to reflect those learnings. The result is a new paradigm for their industry’s relationship with customers, replacing inefficient offline price lists and phone calls with an intuitive digital experience.

Book a ride or plan a trip with Buster

Made by Many went further than collaboration, they folded right into our team and taught us valuable new approaches as they led us through their process. Working with them didn’t just change our product it permanently changed our perspective.

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Sally Simms
VP Product & Operations, Buster

A commerce site capable of rich storytelling

OXO’s new site reflects their dedication to thoughtful, universal product design in its clean aesthetic and user-centred navigation experience. The modular approach and updated web content strategy allows the company to easily tell the innovative stories behind each product.


Made By Many not only helped us structure the redesign in a way that made a daunting pipeline of work manageable, they also gave us the tools to help us maintain it moving forward. It was a true partnership, and we are thrilled with the results.

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Lindsay Mecca
Senior Brand Communications Manager,

The UK’s fastest breaking news service

We turned ITV News into the fastest breaking-news service in the UK, increasing traffic by a whopping 2000%. It was a huge and challenging task that involved a holistic rethinking of the ITV news service as well as redesigning journalists’ workflow.


Made by Many taught us to focus ruthlessly on what matters and on the area in which we could have most impact. It was the most fun and rewarding experience I have had in digital media.

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Julian March
Director of Online at ITV (2011-13)

Connecting classrooms in 230 countries

We launched Skype in the classroom in 2010 as a simple directory of pioneering teachers who were using Skype in ways the brand had never imagined. We’ve grown it into a platform of services that delivers a unique set of ‘live’ learning experiences to millions of kids and connects classrooms worldwide.

Visit Skype in the classroom

Made by Many took us on a magical journey, inspired by the way teachers were hacking Skype to connect their classrooms. Together we grew it into an everyday learning tool that’s become a million times more successful than we could possibly have imagined, and became the ultimate manifestation of Skype’s soul.

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Gary Bramall
Global Senior Brand Director, Microsoft

Sparking a digital revolution in luxury

Burberry’s brief to Made by Many in 2009 was simple: ‘do something spectacular with social’. 16 weeks later we launched the luxury sector’s first truly native digital experience, Art of the Trench. By any and all metrics it was exceptionally successful: engaging a new generation of consumers, growing e-commerce sales by 50% and increasing sales of trenchcoats worldwide by 85% YoY.

Collaborative tools that lifted sales 120%

Contagious Feed had delivered peerless insight to marketing professionals for years, but the service aged badly and subscriptions slowed. We helped reinvent it from passive repository to purposeful toolset, empowering marketing teams with features worthy of the premium price point. Subscriptions are up 120%.

Find out more about i/O

Made by Many’s ability to look at both the business and the service strategically was truly inspiring. It enabled us to create a service now indispensable amongst brands and agencies across the globe. We could not be more delighted.

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Simon Wylie
CEO Contagious

Designing the future of self-organised learning

We worked with TED, Microsoft/Skype and IDEO to bring Professor Sugata Mitra’s TED Prize wish to life. We launched School in the Cloud at TED 2014, and the service beams thousands of ‘Skype Grannies’ into Learning Labs in developing countries, as well as supporting parents and teachers in developed countries to create their own Self Organised Learning Environments.


Made by Many's holistic approach to design laid the groundwork for a site that felt inherently sustainable and a true collaboration of all involved.

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Anna Verghese
Deputy Director, TED Prize

Co-creating content with a lost generation

To help Belgian broadcaster VRT to re-engage with the ‘YouTube Generation’, we collectively set up an incubator for experimenting directly with consumers. Platforms like and ninjanieuws have been co-created with young people and scaled once proven successful.


A cunning new model boosting revenue 10×

We were asked to help move the Telegraph’s revenue model beyond display and achieved a 10× increase in YoY revenue. Working closely with the commercial, technology and editorial teams, we developed an experience that blended product discovery with shopping along with a new workflow to support it.

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A truly innovative product and groundbreaking design for Telegraph Fashion that displays a keen understanding of news values and editorial process.

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Nancy Cruickshank
Executive Director of Digital Development

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