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My top five product rules of thumb

Joe Nixon

One of the things I love about product is that it’s a discipline that’s still evolving—there’s a constant stream of new ideas on the best way to manage a product. However, I’ve found having some rules of thumb to follow can help keep you on track, regardless of what you’re working on. I’ve been building up my collection over time, and here are my top five.

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Hackaball: Hardware Lessons

Melissa Coleman

15 Lessons learned from the first 18 months in hardware manufacturing

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Breaking bubbles and building skills

Adam Morris

Now more than ever, as we create the next generation of products and services that are lasting longer, reaching wider and impacting more lives - we need to...

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The evolution of client storytelling

Alex Harding

This sounds like a grandioso claim but we’ve never lived in a more visual way than we do now. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have completely ch...

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Moneyball: the art of winning at “IT procurement”

Andrew Walker

Moneyball by Michael Lewis, tells the story of the 2002 season of the Oakland A’s, an American professional baseball team based in Oakland California, and ...

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Practicing presentations: How to free yourself from your words to present like a rock star

Sam Small

When one thinks of momentous music venues, Wrexham Central Station doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with th...

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Pull the Andon lever — don't bother innovating for your customers without innovating the way you work

Tom Harding

How often does the company you work for stop what it’s doing to improve the way it operates? In manufacturing, the Andon lever is a lever anyone can pull t...