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Paper prototyping with 50 new bloods

An oyster card for crossing borders, a digital picture frame that syncs with local art museums, and an airline that takes destination requests mid-flight. ...

Mike Walker  路  14 July 2017

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How to run a sketch session

Sketching sessions can happen at any stage of a project, but we most typically use them in the first week (or day) of a project. They鈥檙e an effective way t...

Tom White  路  14 July 2017

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Introducing the Made by Many professional development programme

Made by Many has been practising digital product development for ten years (and more if you count our combined experience at previous companies). A common ...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  12 July 2017

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Seven unbelievable hacks to make your site fly (Jeff Bezos hates this trick)

Everyone hates waiting. There鈥檚 been a fair bit of research suggesting that even a tiny increase in waiting for a page to load could reduce the number of p...

Eric George  路  12 July 2017

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What if AI is a failed聽dream?

We鈥檝e been told the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is right around the corner. But what if it isn鈥檛? What if this is just another false dawn? Afte...

Ilya Poropudas  路  11 July 2017

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What we mean when we talk about 鈥楶roduct Feels鈥

鈥楶roduct Feels鈥 grab people by the heart and make them feel something every time they use a product.

Mike Walker  路  4 July 2017

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Launched: Made by Many creates new app for Cannes Lions Festival

We鈥檝e created a brand new companion app for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which kicks-off this Saturday and runs for 8 days in the...

Tim Malbon  路  15 June 2017

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How we do Mobile QA at Made by Many

I鈥檝e been testing for over six years now. The early days were very much desktop-based QA, but as the uptake of mobile browsing and the demand for responsiv...

Jamie Mayes  路  15 June 2017

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Fear and despair in product teams (and how to navigate聽them)

Making successful digital products is hard. For many businesses, it鈥檚 still a step into the unknown. It requires teams to experiment with new ways of worki...

Kristof Goossens  路  9 June 2017

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Swallow your developer鈥檚 pride and just do聽stuff

Doing things the wrong way to get the right result

艁ukasz S膮gol  路  8 June 2017

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Calling all interns!

Summer in London is here again and that means it鈥檚 time for us to recruit this year鈥檚 team of interns. You鈥檒l have to be quick: applications open today and...

Charlotte Hillenbrand  路  8 June 2017

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Business Strategy

Seven reasons to plan less, make more and transform your business

Not so long ago Jason Fried of Basecamp published a small piece called 鈥淧lanning is Guessing鈥 鈥 you don鈥檛 need to read it to get his point. He's right, and...

Matt Williams  路  31 May 2017

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Business Strategy

How we co-locate on projects at Made by Many

At Made by Many we place a huge value on face-to-face contact with our clients. It improves productivity and helps build strong relationships 鈥 if it鈥檚 don...

Peter Parkes  路  25 May 2017

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Riffing on聽Design

During my heady student days, I spent most of my time (and student loan) travelling up and down the country playing guitar in a pop-punk band. Rather than ...

Adam Morris  路  24 May 2017

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Front-end London. This time without the booze

At the end of every Front-end London event we invite our attendees to the Earl of Essex pub and encourage them to meet new people, exchange ideas and devel...

Andrew Walker  路  23 May 2017

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A Year of React Native: SSL Pinning

We鈥檝e been using React Native for over a year now and we鈥檙e loving how quickly we can create feature-rich and performant apps for iOS and Android. So far w...

Sam Murray  路  23 May 2017

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Business Strategy

A haiku about product-led transformation

Last week we took half a day out as a company to re-state our vision for Made by Many and share some work we鈥檝e been doing to sharpen our narrative.

Tim Malbon  路  19 May 2017

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Business Strategy

How we present a business case to a CEO at Made by Many

One of the key outputs of our vision and discovery service package is a business case. This blog post explains how we present this to a CEO and their team.

Peter Parkes  路  19 May 2017